Thursday, February 16, 2012

suicide by hitmen

Colombian priests hired hit men to kill themselves

Two priests in Colombia hired hit men to kill themselves after discovering they had contracted aids, a court has heard.

Reverend Rafael Reatiga asked his parishioners to pray for him and gave the choirmaster a list of songs for his funeral shortly before he was found shot to death together with another Roman Catholic priest, a Colombian prosecutor said on Tuesday.

Authorities initially suspected robbery when Reatiga’s body was found along with that of Rev Richard Piffano, 37, in a car in southern Bogota on Jan. 27, 2011.

But on Tuesday prosecutor Ana Patricia Larrota said investigators had determined that it was suicide by hit men in the year-old case: the two priests having hired gunmen to kill themselves after Rev Reatiga discovered he had aids.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

gil puyat

Suave is your curly hair pushed back
The glasses in your eyes glistening
The jaws that define your virility
The ticklish coarseness
Of your three-day-old stubble
The pearl of sweat trickling
Patiently down your neck
Dotting your forehead
As the midday heat scorch upon
The ruckus of the workforce

Suave is your soft side-glance
Your faint