Sunday, September 25, 2011

adjourn sine die

The long hiatus here in Blogspot is due to work, Facebook, and other blogging platforms. I find it more amusing to talk about non-HIV issues. Or, er, scratch that. The real reason is I've gone back on my feet after a serious battle with ARV side effects. With God's grace, I've regained the old flame to say the least that sometimes I don't feel that I'm sick.

Life's about that. You move on and forward from depression. Writing to me has been a therapy. I did only use this site to relieve myself of the harrowing and tremendously painful trauma of discovering HIV. It healed me as much as the Man Upstairs did. So, there's no point in wallowing and fretting. Life is dramatic enough.

This is the start of a very intermittent blogging. Adios to you my dear reader—for this moment. 'Til the next blog entry of which who knows when.

Neon lights, switching off.

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