Tuesday, November 20, 2012

join me to vigan

This is an invitation to anyone who may read this, following a friend’s egging for me to travel with a complete stranger.

A friend of mine went to Davao City and ended up with a Belgian who is of Chinese descent. She had a good time with this guy that they went further and watched a PBA game here in Manila before the European went back to his continent. Nothing sexual happened. Just pure fun, adventure, travel and possibly long-distance friendship.

She met the guy via couchsurfing.org, which she explained as a hodgepodge of downshifters who travel the world in search of breaking out from the monotony of urban environment.

I was amused and fascinated by the prospect of such possibility—that two unknown persons can share a same penchant of living without knowing beforehand who they are and without the fear of being caught into an irreversible trouble.

Well, it’s because couchsurfing.org has safety nets and provisions. She asked me to join and travel at least spots in the country that I haven’t been to.

Then again, I modified mine, and now asking a fellow PLHIV to join me.

This summer, probably on May or early June, I’ve been meaning to go up north in Vigan or see the Banaue Rice Terraces or in Camarines Sur in Caramoan—but most probably in Vigan or Rice Terraces.

I want to go out with a fellow “pusit” who’s about my age (I’m 24 by the way) or a little older. I’m looking for a wide-eyed traveller, who’s more fond of walking around the city in the search of discovering gems of knowledge, not just the ordinary beach-goer. (Hence, Vigan or Banaue as they are UNESCO cultural heritage sites.)

I also want, nay require, someone who also haven’t been to Vigan so as to make the journey more extemporaneous and unrehearsed. Let’s be foreigners in our own country. If we’re saturated with Vigan and won’t mind to go to Bangui, we should. You know, we only live once and we can just wing it.

Also a book lover. If you have a list of your favorite books or authors, you may want to discuss it with me along the way. A little segue of discussion on these writers aboard the plane or bus would mean a lot to me.

If you are a book lover and a gym-goer, much better. It’d be to my delight to share and receive few tips on bulking up. I’ve already hit my ideal weight but I’m far from my desired weight.

To evade from prying questions about the meds that I will take, it’s safer to go along with a fellow PLHIV. At least in that way, if the trip is good for three to four days, we can always remind each other of drinking our meds on time. Just last week while I was in Boracay, I had to sneak behind my friends’ back to drink my meds. Plus, being in Boracay, you cannot not go clubbing. Efavirenz and alcohol make for a bad pair as one worsens each other’s tipsy effect. So there, at least a fellow pusit would know what I am drinking without having to ask what it would be.

Let’s bring the discussion to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. On the practical and mundane side of life, I won’t discount the possibility of sexual tension. Sexual tension may escalate during the night and if ever we can’t rein our libidos, at least I won’t be afraid of infecting someone. But really, I will try my best not to have a sexual encounter while we’re away. I’ve been sex-free since March 2011 and I like to keep it that way.

(Last week, while in Boracay, while unpacking our things inside the hotel shortly after we checked in, my girl friend—the Davao traveller who happened to know my condition—showed me her two pieces of condoms like a well-kept heirloom stashed inside her bag of toiletries. “Either one of us might get laid while we’re in here. It’s better to be safe,” she said, while giving me permission to get one in case I see the need arising. Haha!)

These are optional but highly appreciated: if you wear eyeglasses. Eyeglasses not sunglasses. I like men who look like ravishing librarians. Please don’t be over than 28 years old. Sometimes, I have a hard time relating with older gay guys. If you also come from Manila (or anywhere in the metro) so that in case this journey would blossom into a lifelong friendship, we can still see each other after the trip. And yeah, I like guys who have this arcane view of the universe, someone who can engage me in an intellectual masturbation. The sort of Celine (Julia Delpy) and Jessie (Ethan Hawke) kind of dialogue? Why, you already know those names without having to Google them? Great! We can be a lot kind of that and just go on a journey like what they had in both "Before" titles.

And please, don’t be a douchebag. Don’t ask if I’ll be shouldering every bit of you expense because I’m not. Let’s be adult and financially and pecuniary capable won’t we? We don’t want to spoil our journey, right?

Well, if you want to go with me, you can hit me at walkwestward@gmail.com. We can start our chitchat and planning there.

And, yes, I have to stress, this is just a prospect. I may drop this if there are pressing reasons that may call for its abortion.

While we’re young and capable, let’s live life and dare more stuff. We can’t do this if we’re already old and burdened with responsibilities. I want to do this anytime next year. Join me.


  1. I'm not a pusit.
    But I've been dreaming of the same travel fantasy you have here.

    I can remind you of your meds, I'm quite good with that. We can talk about books, but I might not be as well-read as you are. oh and I love those Julia-Ethan loveteam. No? oh, they're not love teams pala. hehe
    kidding! But I love Before Sunset.

  2. It's all right if you're a non-poz. As long as you're convinced that you're not getting into trouble. (I jest!)

    Haha. Thanks! Don't worry. Maybe those books you've read, that I may haven't, you can talk about them.

    Which do you prefer: Before Sunrise or Before Sunset? Before Midnight is upcoming. :)