Sunday, February 16, 2014

after three quarters


Not that I don't want to update this, but I am resolved to post entries here sporadically. And during the intermission, I forgot what email I use to log in Blogger. Hence, the seemingly interminable silence.

I really don't know why I still bothered to have this blog kept alive. Perhaps because I want to make a quick detour when an HIV-related thought pops out of my head (yes, I mean to keep the topic that way) or to comment on other blogs here and there (which I don't believe myself since I'm not privy to other people's rundowns anymore). Eitherway, it's not necessarily to document my life as often as possible. I've learned to keep my thoughts tucked under the folds of my diaphragm or to purposefully select ears who will afford me undivided attention. I'm not pay-moose for the whole of unknown names and faces to know every bit of my drab of a life.

So to you, my still-interested readers, may you find a reason to go back here despite my next post may be already in eons to come.


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