Thursday, June 5, 2014

giving back

A life-changing event will happen this June and it will necessitate me from sinking into the depths of oblivion. In this vein, I could not promise to at least monthly update this blog (though I do hope I still can). I have had been once out of the radar here, so repeating it would be easy.

Then again, to those people who are losing hope, especially the newly-diagnosed who stumbled upon this blog, or anyone wanting to have a sort of lifehack on how to go about with this condition, I am opening up my email to take the stead of my would-be moribund blog life. Right there beneath Dr. Freud's quote is everything you need to know.

I hope in the littlest of my way, I can share what I have experienced and am still going through in this second lease of life, a phase that started three years ago. I cannot personally volunteer for and involve myself in a support group because I am menacingly shy in person. So, I will allow you to drop a message and hopefully I can respond within arm's reach.

And if I can give one really, really important advice to the non-positive and still healthy individuals out there, especially to Filipino gay men: Please, if you can't discipline yourself--where I have failed in-- don't be sexually involved with just about any other guy in Planet Romeo or just about any other gay dating sites. This isn't a smear campaign against the website, because, agree or not, this blog won't change anything in there.

I know that there is Abraham Maslow to defend your need for sex, but rusty as the adage is, the person who so deserves your naked body should see first the nudity of your soul. Stay away if your dickhead and your brain are switching places, with the former lording over your entirety.

No matter how unpopular my decision, I will tooth and nail recommended against social networking sites because despite the Department of Health being one-too-careful in admitting that these seedy sites is "just one" of the vectors of increasing HIV numbers, I could say that it is the biggest factor why men are having the opportunity to have sex with men. I could just look back to some three years ago, my stupidity coupled with raging hormones, and my gay, reckless and wanton need for carnal desire to defend my case.

Beyoncé may have dodged the bullet better than I did, but it is in this picking up of a fractured soul and the healing of wound I can certainly give back.


  1. a nice read
    are you open for a small talk over coffee some time?

    1. Thanks. The invite is appealing, but hey, I'm not promising, okay? :)

    2. come on Neon!! it's no more than a talk hahaha so need not be promising haha

      well keep in touch, you got my email right?

    3. Yep, got it. Keep in touch.