Monday, March 21, 2016

world poetry day and HIV

In celebration of World Poetry Day, here's a blackout poetry on HIV. It's my first time to do this. I found it quite hard because there is just so little to work with. Unlike freestyle poetry where I would just sit to contemplate for the right word, blackout poetry already serves the word making the serving limited; and in that limitation, I had to make sense.

I used the book of Greg Louganis, the famous HIV-positive American Olympic diver, titled Breaking the Surface.

I had accepted that I was afraid
when I really didn't want
HIV, a dumb secret 
I was sure to be a scandal.
Yet HIV was no way to be.
It turned out I had it together
all on my own, one cold morning.
I wanted to scream at my life,
to be thankful and to stop moaning about
the weather.

Postscript: All rights of the book goes to Mr. Louganis and his publisher.

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