Sunday, August 28, 2011

that viral giggle

How is he doing it on reverse?

The moment I discovered Anderson Cooper's giggle fit, (meltdown starts at the 2:28 mark, FYI.) I was almost glued to the laptop for hours. Aside from abusing the power of the replay button, Youtube once again resurrected what was once my faint admiration for this media man.

Never mind the long stormy weekend because Mr. Cooper's childish chuckles on AC360 days ago made my day. And more videos of him I saw in Youtube: he and his, Oh! I don't know how to call it. He and Kathy Griffin were especially cute during CNN's New Year celebration. The related videos allowed me to watch his stint when he subbed for Regis Philbin to double with Kelly Rippa, who on this video, cannot contain anymore what probably her hormones were telling her.

Because of fascination that has gone way overboard, I spent my yesterday virtually researching about this man. Interestingly, he was not left unscathed of gay allegations. Gay or not, he has a reason for it. As I quote, "All the guy has ever wanted to do was be an old-fashioned newsman and unfortunately him coming out would make him a part of the story."

What really fascinates me more is how come this 40-ish, silver-haired piece of hunka hunka could still look good, nay, astounding as he ages? Usually, you get the prime of a man in his 20s, but nature has always an exception and he's one of it. He is deceiving time and delaying aesthetics. Who would know Cooper when he was in his 20s? Perhaps he's a lanky man fresh from university, unknown to many. Who knows?

Of course him being a broadcaster, it doesn't take a genius to know that he could have a horde of image stylists, the best of dermatologists, and whatnot who are very much concern about his ever well-placed hair, his suit, and everything about him. But he takes sexiness to a different level. Talk about him being bubbly with Kathy Griffin during CNN's special show. It doesn't look like he was sweating more during that 90-minute presentation than any coverages that he did as he alleged. Although there's that conspicuous dint of formality that every newsman has been modeled to which prevents him from catching up with Kathy's bizarre fits, he and Kathy were fun to watch.

(Some funny vids on Mr. Cooper c/o Kathy Griffin: Touch Me Inappropriately, Filthy Alley with Flowers and Just for America.)

Moooving on. My point is, you rarely see a man in his 40s to be still that handsome, cheery, and consigned to the best attributes of what being a piece of admiration could be. Usually, men in this age already start to wane. Most of them are already dads who have forgotten themselves for dedicating themselves to their own family. Not that fatherhood is bad, it is not; it just fascinates me how Cooper and others of his kind keep that kind of youth. While most men have lost or are starting to stash their virility inside their drawers, the kinds of Mr. A are playing a joke on time.

(SIDE NOTE: Now I'm thinking, is sexuality a big factor here. Could there be really a difference, a sort of mindset gap, between a 44 y/o gay man and a 44 y/o straight man? I wonder but am not bothered though.)

I've been seeing the Silver Fox' face since years back on CNN, having been quite a junkie of news, both international and local. It's just that, that giggle fit, that seemingly adorable, contagious, "let's-watch-it-over-and-over-again," 50-second giggle seemed to slash some 10 to 20 years from his age. It resurrected in me, uhm, a feeling? (Oh, brother.) The joys of seeing a man melting down, giggling, childishly wiping the tears off his eyes, now tell me, who would not fawn over that?

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